Contractor Payments

Unlike payroll where your checks are dependent on the date, a Contractor's check will be issued when payment is made by the client they are working for.

 Your invoice is authorized by Image Work Agency, and submitted for payment to the client, which in turn is then paid by the Accounts Payable department of Amazon. Some invoices go to different buckets and you will get checks out of sequence.

Image Work Agency provides service to you at no cost: collecting your billable time for your services, and producing your invoice to Amazon, receiving their payment, and issuing a payment to you. In a usual Contractor environment this can take 30 days or more. Image Work Agency is a certified special provider for Amazon and issues the checks in 21 days (or less) when possible. Upon payment from Amazon, I immediately issue payment notices to you and the check or Direct Deposit is issued to you. And you should receive it within a few days. Image Work & Amazon are diligently working to expedite this turnaround time.

 Please understand I do not get paid till you get paid so I am as invested in the quick turnaround as you are.

 Advance Payment

 IWA realizes that inconsistent pay days can wreck our finances. It does mine. Especially if you are just starting out in this business. We are glad to offer you an advance on invoices submitted. The first time is free. However, after that there is a 5% fee drawn from the next check. Please don't make it habit but we do want to be there for our Talent. You are what makes us successful.

  Advance Time Entry

I appreciate the desire to enter your time sheets while you are already on the page. However, please do not enter time sheets in advance. You have yet to work the hours and if you are audited by Amazon while your time is up on the sheet it will not be well received.

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